I have a Galaxy Watch SM-R800 and the Galaxy Wearables app installed on my S10+ but couldn't pair my watch with my phone. Both my phone and watch were bought in India, but I use them here in Italy cause I live here.

I used this watch for many days with no problem at all and then one day I upgraded my phone to One UI 2 (beta) and I encountered this bug with security module, which locked me out from entering the phone even though I was entering the correct Pin or passcode.

After that I rolled back my phone to Android 9 (stable) version.

So my assumption is that the procedure that I followed to upgrade my phone to One UI 2 might have caused this issue with my watch.

Firstly I created a Samsung account with my email which by default is Italian cause of location, but I had to sign up for the beta program using an India account. No beta testing in Italy.

As suggested on XDA forums by someone I had to delete my Italian Samsung account and create Indian account with same email if I want to enroll for the beta program, which I did.

So I didn't use the watch for few days and later when I tried to pair it with my phone it says,"Couldn't Pair your watch" (Try Again/ Cancel)

I'm using the same email Id for Signing In to finish the setup of pairing with which I initially setup both the Phone and watch. It sometimes says I am using a different account from the one I used earlier to setup. I'm definitely sure that I never used any other account of mine or a friend. (No others)

I need your help if someone has a solution for this situation.


Akhil Bellam.