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Thread: Reddit won't load for some reason?

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    Reddit won't load for some reason?

    Just as the title implies, for some strange reason reddit isn't opening specifically my homepage or any other subreddits yet I can still check my DMS and PMS and my account page, I wondered if it was just an issue with my wifi connection but here I am using my phones web browser and it seems to be working just fine, sometimes reddit will be available pretty late at night and I can check on it then but throughout most of the day and night the app will just straight up not load posts or anything, not even my data will open it up, I even checked if I don't have the latest update but that's not the case either. could it be related to me being in Egypt? Or is the app just being wonky? Has anyone else been experiencing this?

    Any solution would be great but I completely understand if it's just a glitch and I have to wait it out until it's fixed. I'm going to download a video from Reddit by using reddit video downloader with sound
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