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    S8500MBUKI1 (Bada 2.0)

    Hello dear bada users,

    SamMobile Team proudly presents a new bada firmware, we are currently testing everything for you all, also we will list here the changes and what you should know before flashing and stuff like that. It is a Vodafone firmware and not 100% complete but instead of KH3 usable.

    S8500MBUKI1 ## 2.0 2011 September S8500MVFGKI1 DOWNLOAD Vodafone

    !!! ATTENTION !!!

    Not use an Multiloader that is beyond version 5.65, cause bootloader files won't flash correct and abort.
    And yes everyone can flash it, only profiles for network connection must be addet manually.

    Note: I am comparing it to Galaxy SII cause of the similar gui.

    New Features/Stuff/Changes:
    - Dolfin is after 2 minuetes fast as the Browser from Galaxy SII in scrolling (loading is slower, also over wlan it is also a little bit slower at loading)
    - Dolfin site Zoom-Out supports Browser-Tab-View like Galaxy SII
    - Test Theme is again in, Default Theme uses lighter blue (much better for our eyes)
    - Social Hub Premium button is available (but not possible for us here in austria, maybe it works for vodafone users)
    - More themes button available in Themes selection and it redirects to appstore (Theme special site - currently empty)
    - More fonts available in Font seleciton menu and redirection to appstore (Fonts special site)
    - Some signs of a test firmware are still available but not harming usage (camera rotates with no result (same window as before)) its only annoying
    - AccuWheater widget can use also current position over GPS as Galaxy SII (very nice)
    - Adding a city manually is tricky needet 4 tries, cause of "conection problems", anyway dolfin works good without such problems
    - Preinstalled widgets available and useable with fast slide animation (not only one site and 3d as at Galaxy sII)
    - Half-HD video to sd works (tested 10 seconds, normal and very smooth)
    - Voice Record has decibel counter integrated
    - Edit of Voice Records (cut) is available in Voice Record Player
    - MusikPlayer faster than before on KH3
    - MusicHub works nice and smooth
    - Clock --> Earthwatch supports now multitouch wasn't before possible
    - First AGPS fix after 3 seconds satfix in our house is also for sII not possible
    - More ringtones available and also new looking setting menü for sounds.
    - Memo has also new look
    - Search Tags in Music Player
    - Klick while playing on title and interpert pops up an window and you can search similar stuff on phone
    - USB Copied 2.5 MB screenshots in one second (before it tooked longer, much longer)
    - AppStore is faster in scrolling

    Bugs found:
    - I started Voice Command and sayed "Disable Voice Alert" it worked, restarted App and said "Enable Voice Alert" --> Crash and restart, but i couldn't rebuild the bug for now.
    - German Keyboard used but Z and Y are like on english Keyboard (other Tester said that it is for him ok and working)
    - Voice Recognition is already missing but foundable in Firmware Files
    - AppStore sometimes slightly hangs during download
    - Not the fully 2.0 API is supported (tested with Voluntas 2 SDK emulator 2.0.2)
    - USB connection over SDK 2.0.2 is slower (4 times than before, while copying Voluntas 2 on device)
    - Webkit (not dolfin) is very slow (as emulator in sdk 2.0.2) hopefully this will be fixed.
    - Gmail shows 3 new Mails, but there are 4, if i read all of them it shows the logo of "NewMail" without a mail in the Inbox.
    - Unlocking screen sometimes Causes "Service not availible error"
    - AllShare doesn't load Videos from one Mobile Device on another (Tested with a 37min Video), there was no time for more Tests yet, maybe on weekend.

    Not Tested:
    - Navigation (no license) - only started --> works
    - AllShare

    Not avialable in this Firmware:
    - Facebook App
    - Twitter App

    Thats it from my site, hopefully it is enough
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