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Thread: Should I buy S10 with exynos or snapdragon?

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    Should I buy S10 with exynos or snapdragon?

    I travel between the US and Europe. Samsung has different regions for LTE bands. EU version (exynos) has the least number of bands, while the general unlocked US version using the snapdragon has all bands, including the EU ones. I have a concern that I won't the exynos version might be too limited in the US. Which is the smarter way to go? I spend more time in Europe, but my inclination is to get the unlocked snapdragon unit because of the better battery life. The downside is that I checked with Samsung in the EU and they won't repair it. On the flip side of that, I've had an S2 and S4 and they never needed anything, though I suspect my USB port is getting a little worn.
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