Hello all,

One of my tablets (Galaxy Tab Active 2 - SM-T390) has automatically updated to Android 9.0 from Android 8.1.0. I have had kiosk mode active, where I would not be able to access any other apps or the android settings screens and just a certain app. Hence the notification that an update is available although present in the settings screen was not accessed or authorized to download and install. I have gone into another tablet that has not updated and checked the settings and I can see that security policy updates are set to automatic. The update that has installed is security patch level 1 June 2019, which has the one UI for Android Pie.

Having said that, I wanted to know if the updates from Samsung can be forced onto a tablet, even without the user acknowledging or accepting the update? I have a few tablets that I have that I run android 8.1.0 on, but just want to make sure they are not auto updated like this as some of my apps do not support android pie just yet.

Any information on this regard would be quite helpful.

Thanks in advance for your help.