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Thread: What samsung firmware is the correct one for me

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    Question What samsung firmware is the correct one for me

    Hello everyone,

    i wanted to change my whatsapp folder to my sd card because my internal memory was full. So i tried to root my Galaxy S7. But it abourted. But Knox Level rise to "0x1". Now samsung pay is not working anymore.

    One tipp in the internet was to download the samsung firmware to reset the smartphone.

    For this i found your website and downloaded the following firmware:
    My model no.: SM-G930FD
    Select country: Vietnam
    And selected the newest Android version.

    Now i want to go sure that this is the correct firmware for my s7. It would be very great if you could confirm this.

    The Samsung Phone Info App tells me the following things about my phone:

    General information:
    Model Type: SM-G930F / Galaxy S7 (Dual SIM)
    Product name: heroltexx
    manufactoring country: Vietnamm
    manufactoring date: 2017.06.17

    product code: SM-G930FZDUXSG
    Original csc code: ?
    Firmware csc code: XSG
    Active csc code: XSG
    available csc codes: acr, afg, ...
    CSC country: UAE/ AE

    Bootloader version: G930FXXS4ESCB
    PDA version: G930FXXS4ESCB
    CSC Version: G930FOJV4ESAH
    Baseband version: G930FXXU4ESAE
    Actual firmware: G930FXXS5ESF3 / G930FOJV5ESF3 / G930FXXS5ESF3
    Firmware status: official
    Kernal version: 3.18.91-14843133-QB22583873 64bit
    Java virtual machine: ART 2.1.0

    Root-existance: Yes
    Android version: 8.0.0 / SDK 26 (Oreo)
    Buildno: ...
    Build firgerprint: ....
    Build date: ...
    Change list: 14843133

    Hardware/Board: samsungExynos8890 / universal8890 [64-bit]
    platform/chip: exynos5 / exynos8890
    GPU: ARM Mali-T880
    Modem board: Shannon335
    Hardware revision: MP 0.800
    RAM: 4 GB
    Camera: ...
    Soundcard: root necessary
    Wifi modul: murata ...
    GPS chip: broadcom ...
    Battery: Li-Ion 3000 mAh
    Sensors: pressure, light, heart rate, ....

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    Hi there,

    When KNOX has been tripped, NONE of the secure functions will work ever again.

    The only wait to reset KNOX is to visit a Samsung Service Center, they will replace the motherboard and that will cost you...

    We don't support ROOTed devices either!

    PS: Your device is UAE, CSC XSG: [ Login above or register to see download links. ]

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    Hi henklbr!

    Thank you very much for the clear and helpful answer! :-) :-)
    I guess iŽll try google pay now, because it will work with knox = 1 as well. :-)

    Best regards

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