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Thread: Downgrade Samsung Galaxy Tab A (SM-T585); V. 8.1. -> 7.0 *HELP*

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    Question Downgrade Samsung Galaxy Tab A (SM-T585); V. 8.1. -> 7.0 *HELP*


    I need help, I tried to follow the instruction with Odin, after Odin is set with the 4 .md5 files Odin fails and on the device the error SW REV. CHECK FAIL(BOOTLOADER) DEVICE: 4, BINARY: 2. is displayed.

    Trying to untick the BL in Odin resulted in a similiar error with KERNEL REV. CHECK FAIL. DEVICE 1 BINARY 0.

    Thank you in advance!

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    Hi there, good afternoon

    You can't downgrade, sorry...

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    Why canít you download? Iíve been trying to find this firmware for a long time. Can you point me in the direction of the firmware to download please. Thank you

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