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Thread: Cant receive OTA update

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    Its all done.. thx bro

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    Thanks for your feedback: enjoy your device

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    Question Your expert eye would be apprecaited please - S9+ downgrade from Android 10 to 8...

    Hi from 'Down Under' Australia henklbr,

    On reading some of your threads for answers I'm impressed with both your knowledge and willingness to help others in difficulty. I'm new to firmware updating on Androids. However, I understand the basic concepts as have a Wintel server engineering background. I've also done a lot of research over last week and feel ready to perform my first and now essential Android flash!

    I'm hoping you will be willing to cast you expert eye over the phone details uploaded for my help my S9+ SM-G965F purchased here in Australia and have uploaded jpg's with detail.
    - Barneys_S9plus_Settings.jpg
    - Barneys_S9plus_version.jpg
    (I can't work out how to upload. Sorry. )
    1. Have I downloaded correct firmware for my phone as indicated further down?
    2. ditto for ODIN version and USB drivers?
    3. Is there anything else you might suggest to ensure a successful downgrade from Android v10 to latest Android v8?
    4. Am I correct that flashing with v8 firmware won't trip the warranty cancelling Knox e-fuse or prevent later OTA Update back up to Android v10+ if a call recording issue is addressed by a later Samsung update?
    5. So long as I don't brick my phone or trip the Know e-fuse I should be able to use ODIN to flash back to later Android v10 firmware if needed?

    I find I am forced to do this as an essential call recording app won't work on the latest latest Android v10 or earlier v9 I had used OTA to update thru before restoring all apps and data etc. This discovery was a bomb shell as I have a permanent disability that prevents me taking notes whilst on a call so a call recorder is a must. In troubleshooting I discovered Google had removed required permissions from Android 9 and up. The only solution is to either root or downgrade to latest Android v8 - and Samsung Support told me it could not be done by owners!!!

    Then after much research I discovered SAMMOBILE's excellent resources, obtained foot in the water subscription and decided to have a go in earnest. I'd sure like to prove Samsung Support incorrect

    I've already downloaded from the firmware archive what I think are my current Australian S9+ v10 and latest target v8 firmware versions:
    • Current :
    • Target :

    Other ODIN support files:
    • SAMSUNG_USB_Driver_for_Mobile_Phones_200429.exe

    I've also noted your basic tutorial found in thread 13.
    How to flash firmware to your phone:
    1. Extract (un-rar) the firmware file (i.e. to folder c:\Odin) ***
    2. Download Odin3-v3.14.4
    3. Extract Odin ZIP file (i.e. to folder c:\Odin)
    4. Open Odin Odin3-v3.14.4
    5. Power OFF phone
    6. Reboot Phone in Download Mode: push Bixby + Volume Down + Power buttons, follow instructions screen (PowerUP), connect phone to PC with ORIGINAL USB-cable
    7. Wait until you get a blue sign in Odin
    8. Add the firmware files to their designated slots

    Put ALL 4 files in the desired slots at the same time in Odin
    BL -> BL
    AP -> AP
    CP -> CP
    CSC or HOME_CSC -> CSC

    Note regarding CSC-files:
    CSC_OXM -> phone will be WIPED/RESETTED
    HOME_CSC_OXM: data will stay intact

    1. 9. Make sure re-partition is NOT ticked
    2. 10. Click the start button, sit back and wait few minutes

    I do hope my long post is not an annoyance but I'm new to this and in trepidation!
    would really appreciate your expert guidance - before I push that fateful button from which there might be no going back!! Gulp.

    Best regards,

    From 'Down Under' Australia

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