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Thread: s9+ plus Back to branded android 9 firmware CSC problem

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    s9+ plus Back to branded android 9 firmware CSC problem

    Hello at everyone, I hope someone can help me.

    I've a s9 plus, not knox invalidated (still 0x0), that was previously debranded with ITV firmware android 9.

    Everthing ok, from HUI/HUI/HUI (Italian HG) went to ITV/ITV/HUI

    Now I've seen here in SamMobile Android 9 for brand HUI is arrived, flashed back to its original brand (HUI) android 9 firmware:

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    Flashed went successfull, but now I don't find "HUI/HUI/HUI" but i find "H3G/H3G/HUI" , and samsung info tool says that CSC country is "UK/GB" instead of "Italy"

    How can I solve this issue?

    I've made everything with my simcard inserted (italian vodafone).

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    Hi there, good evening

    If you want HUI/HUI/HUI again, you need:

    1. HUI SIM-card inserted
    2. NO SIM-card in your device while resetting -> then you'll get HUI/HUI/HUI again

    If you've a Vodafone-SIM in your device, why you don't flash the "Vodafone Italy" firmware?

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