Hi there
i have found some bugs and i like to report them to Samsung, anyone knows where to do so?
One of the bugs which i'm surprised that it managed its way to the stable build is caused with new navigation gestures.
If you turn on navigation gestures and also turn on "Quick open notification panel(opens the notification panel with a swipe down on home screen)" and then turn your phone to landscape mode(home screen rotation should be on), if the gesture buttons are at your left side, you can't open the recent apps with its gesture and it instead opens the notification panel. but if you hold your phone the other way(buttons being at your right side) then it works flawlessly.
Also animations for fast switching between apps are usually laggy. Is it just me or others as well???
I want other S9+ owners to test this as well and if they have the same problem, share it here and report this to Samsung if u know how so we can get a fix.