Hello Sammobile.

Please help (User: SRS057614).

I tried to unlock - Samsung SM-G935F but nothing works.

I received:
8:34:09 - Reading Security Data..

- Error: Security Blocked by Firmware. [ERR:FW]
- Please downgrade to an lower version or use the special Modem Firmware for Unlock from our support area. (SRS-Download)

Tried to downgrade the modem firmware (via ODIN 3.13) from G935FXXU1BPJJ to:
- G935FXXU1BPJG_Modem-Firmware-For-Unlock.tar

The result is the same:
Direct Unlock: ... Security Blocked by Firmware. [ERR:FW] error
Read Unlock Code: .... 18:50:16 - Checking Server: [Server Down] No answer from Server.. try again later..

Please assist.