Yesterday I woke up to see my phone has no signal on both sims(different carriers)so I unlock the phone and it rebooted into a boot loop until I took simcards out.
Now I only can have 2g on both sims to function normally or either it reboots or says emergency calls only.
I can briefly connect to 3g/4g before restart, so I think this isn't a hardware issue.
I flashed it with latest builds a couple of times and no lock.
First I'm on latest official build. Not rooted and my phone is a520f/ds uae.
Apn setting is correct for both sims and switching sims didn't help.
I took it to a local repair shop and after looking at it and flashing it the technician told me it probably is a band issue.
please help me.
What should I do ?
Can I flash other regions modems?