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Thread: Downloading an archived firmware for samsung note 8.0 tablet

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    Downloading an archived firmware for samsung note 8.0 tablet

    I am trying to download firmware for an old Samsung tablet as the tablet is stuck in booting and reset is not working (it got into this mode due to
    normal upgrade that failed).
    Hence I want get the latest firmware for it - Kitkat ( Android 4.4.2)
    Model Samsung Note 8.0 GT-N5110 for canada region.
    I found the firmware at the following webpage in Sammobile

    It says " This firmware has been archived due to too few downloads.
    Please click here to request the file
    Unfortunately clicking here just takes me to Sammobile contact page and there is no info there on how to request the firmware.

    It is sad that Samsung wont make its own firmware available to customers that bought their devices.
    I am not trying to use newer version of ANdroid or to root or anything like that - I am fine with Samsung's stock firmware. Unfortunate the reset is not working.

    I have had so much better experience with iPhone and iPad.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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