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Thread: Changing CSC

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    Question Changing CSC

    Hi guys
    Can we change CSC with this method ?
    Or any way to change it?
    some one used this for s8+
    but I tried
    every things was ok until IMEI code doesn't work,nothing happen after CSC home that used is Vietnam OXE (multiple)
    I act actually like what he said.
    9. In Factory Imei input *#243203855# does it same in s9+?
    The Home I used with combination:
    HOME_CSC_OMC_OXM_G965FOXM1ARC4_CL13162954_QB172030 10_REV01_user_low_ship.tar
    COMBINATION_OXM_FA80_G965FXXU1ARB7_OXMFAC_CL130848 94_QB17151834_REV01_user_mid_noship_issfull.tar
    This is what I did:
    1. Downloaded this Combination File from, I had to pay $3 USD to get access to the download.
    COMBINATION_FA70_G955FXXU1AQD1_CL11075178_QB130870 97_REV00_user_mid_noship.tar.md5.rar
    2. Downloaded Odin 3.12 (latest), other versions did not work.
    3. Downloaded this ROM:
    Latest version (January 1st, 2018), it is from ATT, but I dont care care about that haha.
    4. Run Odin, download mode on phone and install firmware downloaded from SamMobile.
    5. Restart phone, enter OS and do factory data reset.
    6. Remove "hidden.img" from HOME CSC (included in firmware) with 7Zip. It has to be repacked to a Tar file.
    7. Go back to download mode, open odin and choose the combination file under AP and the recently modified version of Home CSC under CSC.
    8. Reboot and enter factory mode.
    9. In Factory Imei input *#243203855#
    10. Choose IUS as the new CSC.
    11. Boot back to download mode.
    11. Reinstall firmware, now using normal CSC file (not Home CSC).
    12. Boot up to ATT Mexico phone.
    13. Morir en paz.

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    I tried the same just like you, but this time with S9+ dialing *#243203855# in FACTORY IME doesn't show anything :'( Did you find a solution?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nefi45 View Post
    I tried the same just like you, but this time with S9+ dialing *#243203855# in FACTORY IME doesn't show anything :'( Did you find a solution?
    same as me

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