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Thread: Just wanted to say thank you for this site.

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    Just wanted to say thank you for this site.

    I own a Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge (Sprint), Silver with (Virgin Mobile)

    My phone had major software problems I think it was due to a virus or malware of some kind that got on my phone. I downloaded J327PVPU3AQL3_J327PSPT3AQL3_VMU and Odin3_v3.12.3. I used the factory OEM unlock then I used Usb debugging within developer mode. Put my phone into odin mode flashed all parts of firmware and sure enough it fixed my phone. And to make this even sweeter when I flash the TWRP image and root my phone.

    If anything ever goes wrong I just re-flash this stock image from this site. This site has saved my life I've never had anything that has ever work with Android cell phones.

    I just wanted to stop in and say thank you to everyone that made this possible.

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    Thanks man!

    Enjoy your device!

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