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    Samsung J1 ACE SM-110L Stuck on logo and cannot enter Recovery mode


    I need a little help here with this issue.
    A friend gave me a Samsung J1 SM-110L that she didn't use because it had the usual problem that it gets stuck on the samsung logo. By mistake I entered on the download mode instead of the recovery mode, so I did a forced shut down. After that, besides getting stuck on the logo, it also shows a red exclamation mark on the top left corner (I read somewhere that it has to do with a flash counter or something like that). After that I couldn't enter recovery mode, I don't know if it had something to do with a FPR (factory reset protection). Another weird thing is that when it gets stuck on the logo I cannot turn it off by holding the power button, I need to remove the battery...
    So I downloaded Odin and a firmware (J110LUBU0APL2_J110LZTO0APL2_J110LUBU0APL2_HOME.ta r.md5) but after succesfully applying the firmware It still get stuck on the logo... I don't know if Im using it correctly, I only loaded the firmware on the BL button. I need to load something on the AP, CP and CSC buttons?
    I also read that Samsung smart switch could help but my device isn't supported...

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance.

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    First of all: if it is SINGLE FILE FLASH, you need to put the file in AP !!!

    That said: it's best to go to a Samsung Service Point with proof of purchase

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    see the country (csc

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