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Thread: How to change CSC with a combination file

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    Guys, combination file works. It's a unique file and not available easily, so every website is taking advantage of it by making it paid, some sites charging per file! As I don't have paypal account, so I gave cash to my friend to use his Paypal account. Here's step by step instructions:

    *Original/Genuine USB Cable, don't use 3rd party cable or you will have a nice expensive brick if connection is lost.
    *Charge your phone/laptop. 50% is fine.
    *Remove SIM & SD Card.
    *Important- BACKUP. Use Smartswitch (Faster) OR Samsung Cloud Backup. Remember, you wont be able to restore everything (Apps) if you backup from Nougat & then restore it on 6.0.1, so backup with all the options available.
    *Balls of Steel--Kidding

    1- Download the latest Combination file '500MB' at the bottom from [ Login above or register to see download links. ] I couldn't download from the link in post #31
    2- Flash the official ROM from Sammobile that contains the CSC you want. In my case it was XSG, so I used the latest U.A.E firmware available from Sammobile.
    3- After flashing the official ROM, Do a Factory Wipe.
    2. Fire up Odin, I used Odin 3.09 . Extract and select Combination file you downloaded in AP AND your country CSC file from official ROM. Two files only.
    4. After successful flashing is done, wait for the phone to boot up, it will go in to diagnostic/Factory mode, don't panic.
    5- Tap Factory IMEI and enter the code *#243203855# ,it will show you list of available CSCs, choose the one you need and tap install, phone will reset/restart.
    6- Just in case, do one more Factory/Cache Wipe.
    7- Power off the phone & enter download mode and Flash it with your country's officlal ROM. Four files (BL+AP+CP+CSC) Use CSC, don't use Home_CSC.
    8- Knox Zero. System Status: Official
    9- You can check your active CSC in recovery mode or use Phoneinfo app.

    Let me know if you face any issues or were successful. It will help others.

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    oops, I had a long day, forgot to post the link. Here it is

    [ Login above or register to see download links. ]

    I've compared it with the file I previously downloaded from paid website, after extraction, it's same exact file and size.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crisjune09 [ Login above or register to see download links. ]
    i already download the file but i don,t know if this will work. still waiting for the others who tried this.
    Here are the screenshots.

    My Factory ROM out of the box, Android 6.0.1. Code XSG
    Upgraded to 7.0 Russian SER, it was impulse upgrade*
    Downgraded back to 6.0.1, but Samsung set CSC to ACR which is Ghana & installed African bloatware with no way of using SamsungPay.
    Used Combination File method and got my original CSC to XSG.

    *While using Android 7.0, fingerprint sensor was alot faster & overall a very good upgrade & many features, including Dual messenger, but learn from my ordeal, wait for your country's offiicial Nougat ROM. Multi CSC ROMs will always install default CSC. Greenman has written this many times, but I was late on Sammobile forums.

    [ Login above or register to see download links. ][ Login above or register to see download links. ][ Login above or register to see download links. ]
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 20170914_073818.png   Screenshot_20170910-154301.png   Screenshot_20170914-073746.png  

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    I reverted back my csc to XTC and with NTC approval in the Philippines just like fresh out from the box.

    this combination firmware can help others especially those IMEI problem, FRP lock, and to change the CSC.

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    combination file is not an official Samsung firmware
    combination file = original firmware without CSC ( cache.img ) + pit file + a cache backup ( cache.img is empty with only the command ) for coming back to your original CSC


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