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Hi guy,

My SM-T550 Samsung Galaxy Tab A has been intermittently faulty for no odd reason. I will number in stages the issues:

1. On it's own, turns on and off and goes to odin mode

2. When I have tried to find the correct firmware for my model number, it failed on the Odin software I downloaded on my PC after trying to install the firmware.

3. Due to the failure, it has now caused my Tablet to only turn on using the Home and Volume Up button where it takes me to either volume up for download mode, or if I press cancel, it takes me to an error message saying to use an Emergency Recovery function on Smart Switch PC.

4. I downloaded Smart Switch PC, did everything that was asked on some tutorials I saw on Youtube, but the same problem exists - my Tablet is stuck on that big bold & white exclamation mark (light green background), with the bold white writing asking me to use Smart Switch.

What do I do guys? I have literally tried everything, but my Tablet will not go back to it's original function.

Please help, thanks.