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Thread: Galaxy S6

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    Question Galaxy S6

    I am knew to all this, we import Samsung phones from the USA into New Zealand, they are generally Verizon or [email protected]
    The Phones work in NZ, but customers complaining about bloatware.
    For example I have a Samsung S6 SM-G920V from Verizon. I can find firmware for SM-G920I that says New Zealand
    If I flash the phone with this, is it going to brick the phone?
    I have about 50 different Samsung to do Some S6, some S7

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

    Is Odin the best way to go ?

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    You can only install firmware for the phone version.
    So G920V phones can only install G930V firmware.

    Removing bloatware is going to require rooting of the phones.
    If Knox is tripped thus will prevent acces to Knox apps and features such as Secure folder and SHealth.

    Look on XDA developers for help with debloating.

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