Had been rooted my phone before, didn't like it because I couldn't use my banking apps. Back to official firmware via Kies, been using for few months... no problem until yesterday. I charged my phone up to 92%, I unplugged and unlocked my phone, it restarted itself then never come back live again.

I used Smart Switch for another stock firmware flashing with no luck. The software skipped downloading from 85% to 100% immediately, it was ok installing system update on Smart Switch but when the phone completed and restarted, on the screen it shown "erasing" and "installing system up to 32%", it won't get pass above 32% except a blue dead android with loading icon, it freezes every time.

Full Album here, so you might get some ideas of what's going on...
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I went to Samsung store yesterday, however once they see knox has been tripped, they refused to fix my phone unless I pay for a new motherboard which will cost me 220.

I have been trying to flash any official firmware using both Smart Switch, Samsung Kies and Odin, Android 6.0 or 7.0 and every tools lead to blue led black screen or boot looping. I have tried at least 10 times of each methods, even ADB mode, but ADB won't offer much choices except 'adb sideload' commands but it verify each package. So I cannot install TWRP recovery and so on... Odin won't install TWRP recovery as well, it failed every time.

It is sad to see this phone die on me. I have never dropped this phone and it has 0 scratch on it... still looks brand new! If anyone of you could help me out getting this baby alive, I could pay you little money.
Thanks for your time!