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Thread: Is my S7edge bricked or broken?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mandarj [ Login above or register to see download links. ]
    hey greenman please suggest safe and successful root method for s7 edge snapdragon chipset
    The most reliable root method is cf-autoroot, but it will trip Knox.
    Tripping Knox will result in:
    SmartSwitch not working
    Samsung Pay not working
    SHealth not working without modification.
    If you have Secure Folder it will no longer work so remove data before rooting.

    cf-autoroot repository here:
    [ Login above or register to see download links. ]

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    I finally revived my phone!!! I'm so happy right now
    I'll provide these solutions if anyone has the same issue like me. What I did altogether was:

    1.0) Remove devices from your Google accounts (I had 2), wait for 48 hours to cool down? Although not sure if this option caused the bootloop, might be useful for someone...
    1.1) Downloading the oldest firmware from [ Login above or register to see download links. ] flash it using Odin 3.11.1
    1.2) Upload BL, AP, CP and CSC files, but I uploaded the correct Pit file too! WARNING: Be sure you know what you doing before trying to mess with this! Otherwise don't try pit file! Leave the options by default! Unless you ran out of choices!!! but I've ticked auto reboot, re-partition, f.reset time, nano erase all and bootloader update for my case. Then start to flash of course.

    2.0) Phone were still crashing upon system update... I waited out the battery to drain up. Until next day... Tips: If there's no led light, try to sense it with your face if there's any temperature
    2.1) Plugged in ur phone and see if there's the battery charging icon. If there is, you're in luck.
    2.2) Charge until 100%, turn it on. Hopefully you can boot up now but I couldn't...

    3.0) My phone was still in boot looping (Samsung Logo), I had to turn on recovery mode and wipe + format system then mount /system for whatever reason... then restart using the recovery mode...
    3.1) At this time, I finally past through the boot loop which I'll be in the Google sign in screen!

    4.0) Phone was in the oldest firmware, of course I will update the official firmware automatically, however the first update didn't make it, and stucked on Samsung logo again!
    4.1) All I did was wait a little bit about (25mins) and reset again... somehow it fixed the issue and boot back in.
    4.2) Then system update every single firmware up to the latest, boom! I'm on the latest firmware again and everything is up and running!

    5.0) Extra tips: Make sure you have up to 60% battery life before turning on recovery mode, but I had to charge up to 100% for my case.
    5.1) Remove FRP lock (google accounts, remove devices) might help?
    5.2) On recovery mode, wipe cache and format system again might help too!

    Good luck guys, I was about to give up trying after 20 flashes (Smart Switch, Kies, and Odin with different pc too!) and had to wait for battery to drain everytime if it stucks! Which annoys me but I made it!!

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    Omggggg....damnnn brooo. U are so luckyyyy. I have the same problem as the one in this thread. However, there is a slight but a very important difference. Your system seems to be in binary 1, which is the reason you were able to flash the oldest firmware. For me, however, Im in binary 7, which means I cant flash firmwares/ stock roms older than binary 7, because I would get an error. Things would have been fine if I could boot into recovery mode, which I cant (I get the No Such directory error). Uggghhhh, I hate myself.

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