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Thread: Is my Gear S3 region locked to Germany?

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    Is my Gear S3 region locked to Germany?

    I just bought a Gear S3 Classic in Germany and I have noticed a few things. First of all, Samsung Pay is not available (it's not installed on the watch and it doesn't appear in the settings of my Samsung Gear app on my phone). I'm presuming that's because Samsung Pay isn't available yet in Germany? Also, some apps can't be found (like Uber) and other apps have German descriptions, presumably because the Galaxy App Store recognises that my location is in Germany.

    So my question is, since I will be moving to Australia later this year, will Samsung Pay and apps like Uber become available on my Gear S3 once I arrive there? Is there any way for me to change the region? Or can I simply not use Samsung Pay in Australia with a Gear S3 bought in Germany? If so then I might have to return it since it'll be crippled in Australia...even though I'm loving it so much.

    My model number is: SM-R770 with Software version R770XXU2BQC5
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