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Thread: Datapartition damaged - Recovery possible?

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    Unhappy Datapartition damaged - Recovery possible?

    Hi there,

    my 2 week old Galaxy A3 (2017) with Android 7 shows the following message (i have to translate from german to english):

    device moemory damaged .The data partition had been need to reset your device to factory defaults.This will erase all your data
    I did not have trouble with the phone before.
    Normally it won't be a problem to reset the phone (but after just 2 weeks!?), but we were in holiday and there are some pictures on it I definitely will keep.

    • I tried reboot a few times
    • I wiped the cache
    • I prayed to god

    But nothing helped.

    Does somebody had the same problem? In the internet I found some threads, but they were not really helpful.

    How can I repair the phone without loosing my data?


    How can I recover my pictures so after that I can do a reset.


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    Are the pictures on an external sd card?
    If so, remove and see if the card can be read on your PC.

    The sd card may also be the problem if the data has been corrupted.
    Try rebooting without the sd card.

    If no external sd card then photographs taken by the phone camera are stored in a separate folder that is not normally affected by a data wipe.
    But see if you can Connect to your PC to check out the DCIM folder.

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    no sd card is used in the phone.
    Do I have the possibility to repair the partition?


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    The third-party Android recovery tool maybe can help to fix the phone or extract data from damaged phone.
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