So to start this off its been a bad day I even misspelled my username for the site.=/ I'm hoping one member may know alittle more about this that Samsung reps .
My Galaxy S6 has been babied lifeproof case all it's life. I sit it down last night and came back to a lifeless device. Won't turn on and unresponsive to any troubleshooting button combo. My phone when plugged in will come up and show 85-87% battery and I can turn it on. Once on it last between 10 to 30 seconds and cuts off and reboots, even while plugged in. I took it into a samsung rep at best buy he said it appeared a update failed and this is why. It didn't make sense that it wouldn't respond to any power button combos unless plugged in. After he tried to push the update that fail it continued to fail and now my phone is stuck with a blue screen saying a error occurred while updating and to use the smart switch pc software. When plugged in it shows its unsupported. Now this screen wont go away so I cant boot to even try to get anything backed up. They said my only option is hard reset and use smart switch to redo the update install fresh. I however need the data off it. I called samsung they said its not possible to get the data. Is that true? its a device with storage, there has to be a way to get into it. The phone can stay on the blue error or downloading screen all day without shutting off. Is there anything to repair my phone or get the data off. I saw installing the PIT with Oden however that wipes the data. Does anyone have a way I can save my data? If there is any information you need just ask I'll do anything I can try to recover this data.