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Thread: Help with release of my Galaxy S7 without (Root)

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    Help with release of my Galaxy S7 without (Root)

    Hello friends ... I would like to know if there will be some firewaer free companies local as the company that I am ( #ClaroHonduras ) but I would also like to have my Galaxy s7 free to use it with #Tigo and #Claro. but here I found a brother was to free it but at the time to do so in a place that recommended but I canceled warranty because the cell you applied root and look saying cell custom ... applied again a firewaer downloaded from here to remove this alert in the state of the device (custom) and now says (official) but with the program is to see the version of my device and all related to the says counter warranty Knox 0x1 and we don't know to do it from there the lost warranty of the cell. from the time is not as release my Galaxy s7 without these centers cell apply root to the cell, is that there will be otherwise to free up our phones without do that and miss warranty? I would help please since this is my fear to free up my cell. thanks in advance!

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    Have a problem? Please post your firmware details

    Can you install this app and post:
    Product Code
    Original CSC code
    Active CSC code
    PDA version
    CSC version
    Baseband version
    Android version
    Mobile operator
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