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Thread: SM-T819 which one has a stock phone dialer?

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    Hi Greenman, You mean conflicting information about Band4 AWS (1700/2100 ) UMTS ?

    So in essence going by the Samsung website itself and knowing the T mobile USA bands the closet match would be the SM-T819Y listed above I believe.

    Then again, I would also need to identify if said "Y" variant has phone dialer from seller ( mission itself ) or even the fact that the "Y" version of the 819 does not have other variants. haha, so much to do. Trouble is, Ive noticed since tablets dont seem to be too popular judging by the lack of information even on the hardcore xda forums as such.

    Just noticed its been listed on one of sammys websites , same bands as the 819Y model ..

    Wonder howlong til release or pre-order.
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