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Thread: Gear S3 Frontier - Gear Manager - Gear Apps on a no samsung phone

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    Gear S3 Frontier - Gear Manager - Gear Apps on a no samsung phone

    Hi everyone,

    New owner of the new Gear S3 frontier, I have trouble accessing the Gear Apps. My phone is not a samsung. However, all works fine (pairing, notifivations, calls...) but it is impossible to add new apps to the gear. When I try to access Galaxy Gear Apps both on the watch or on my phone, nothing. From the watch, it says "connecting..." without ending the process and from Gear Apps (via Gear Manager), I have no content.

    I've posted several requests on Samsung support site but without any solution. I'm not blocked but I consider the usage of the watch as limited.

    If you have any idea, support you are welcome.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Am in same situation; Samsung is Samsung they dont like to share their own apps with others makers

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    I paired my S3 with an iPhone. Works fine for my needs except the apps and watch faces. NO paid apps and NO paid watch faces. the apps that are available (only a few) are crap most of the time. It's a deal breaker for me.

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