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Thread: Samsung SGH T959 Ver. 2.2 US TMobile

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    Unhappy Samsung SGH T959 Ver. 2.2 US TMobile

    I changed my carrier from TMobile to Straight Talk. Everything is fine except I can't access my voicemail. Everyone says go into settings and just change the number. I can't. It won't let me. Tried to go to Google Talk. Ported my number. It still will not let me change the number. When someone calls and I don't answer it goes to Tmobiles voice mail and does not work. I think my phone is rooted. Not sure. Been trying to unlock it. Downloaded Busybox and busybox installer neither will install. Installed Galaxys unlock. Won't work without busybox. If I pay the $15.00 to you guys can you guarantee I will get rid of everything TMobile off my phone. Including the Apps I never wanted or used and cannot uninstall? I have been at this for 3 days and I am lost and confused. I don't know how my phone became rooted? Maybe my new sim card? But, the Busybox installer says it is Rooted. This is all I know. I am just an unemployed mom who can't afford the $80 bill Tmobile was charging and I had to go with something less expensive. $15 is a lot of money to me right now and I am afraid to pay it and have it not work... PLEASE SOMEONE Help me escape the corporate greed that is TMobile.

    By the way I have a Mac and can't download any .exe files. So I have to be able to do this directly to my phone.
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