Hi there,

This is probably more of a Gear app question than a S3 question, anyway how do I force the S3 to disable the screen lock? My S3 is paired with my company phone using exchange mail which forces me to use PIN security whenever I want to do something on the phone(S5 Neo) which is fine, I get it but I dont want the S3 to do the same thing. The S3 privacy security dont activate when I have it on my wrist or are awake so most of the time its not a big deal but it does, from time to time, somehow think Ive taken it off and locks the screen, usually when I dont wanna mess with punching PIN numbers.

In the Gear app I have turned off the email account for company mail but that didnt do the trick, it still wont let me disable privacy security.
What do I do? Will the phone security setting always mandate the watch security setting?