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Thread: Biiig problem...biiig question!

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    Biiig problem...biiig question!

    there are a lt of custom roms and some very smart people who can do so many great things with bada 2 beta wires. i saw a lot of csc for a lot of countries but none for romania an OXF ppl. if you can do for other countries why not for romania? belive me when i say: we are in big numbers on this forum, trying to find our salvation in here, in your gifted hands and great minds. so please do that bloody mother "biiiiip" csc for saving us. thank you for you patience in reading this and i hope someone will help us all.
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    *#272*TIME# for example if the time is 12.45 it will be *#272*1245# ,
    if the time is 03.25 it will be *#272*0325#
    Now you just need to choose your CSC code

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    u can ask frazor or mylove90 or nexus or redabonna
    they r the best

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