I too have a Chinese Samsung Galaxy S7 (SM-G9350). It is not an edge model. I would like to have google play. I tried flashing with the latest HK firmware (G9350ZHU2APJ2) with odin but it did not work. I followed the guide. It didn't work. I then tried various combinations with BL, AP, CP, CSC, and HomeCSC, but it still didn't work.

My phone information, as seen in "About Device" is as follows:

Baseband Version: G930TUVU3APG1

Build number:

Now as I was typing this I accidentally booted into Recovery mode and I saw:

Android Recovery

Supported APCV3
#Manual Mode#
Applying Multi-CSC
Applied CSC-code:vzw
Successfully applied Multi-CSC

What is this and why does it say verizon?

I am including everything that I think is relevant. I just want playstore. How do I get playstore on my SM-G9350?