Hello everyone,

I sold my galaxy S6 Edge and bought the A9 Pro (SM-A910F/DS) about two days ago and, during this time, iīve realized some problems with the wifi connectivity in any wifi network.

As an example of this, my spotify donīt goes online, just work with my modile data. Same with the Microsoft services and some pages, that simply donīt fully load. The problem looks partial, because another apps like facebook and whatsapp works perfectly. So annoying.

It's worth pointing out that my router is completely opened (DMZ) and worked perfectly with my S6 Edge at all. Iīve tried another solutions like, soft reset the phone and router, change rom to another version (ARO and ZTO) and the problem persists in both routers.

After some research on the internet, i didnīt found a reasonable explanation to this problem.

Any idea?