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Thread: Live demo unit

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    Angry Live demo unit

    i'm new here
    and this is my first topic

    first of all
    i'm not professional in mobile phones
    but i used to work with roms and hardware parts

    i have a phone ( s7 edge ) but its a demo unit
    i have a question
    not just a question
    i really want to do it
    and make it a full unit
    even if i bought a new mother board for it

    any one know which parts can i move to the demo mother board to make it alive ?
    thanks all who is interest

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    Demo units are usually locked into Retail Mode.
    Do you have this app on your phone?
    If so, you need to use the password to remove the feature.

    Guide here may help:

    [ Login above or register to see download links. ]

    Demo units may or may not be complete.
    It is not unusual to find that they do not have a modem and so cannot be used as a phone to make calls.

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