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Thread: HOT All Bada 2.0 firmwares January

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    HOT All Bada 2.0 firmwares January

    Keep your eye on our firmware page or twitterchannels!

    If you download files via our firmware page make sure to use as pass!
    Enjoy and take care with flashing!

    For questions go to our forum... You are welcome!

    The bada 2.0 firmwares are full firmwares!

    Latest bada 2.0 updates:

    Firmware: S8500XXLA1_S8500OXDLA1_VDC (Czech) [Vodafone]
    Firmware: S8500XXLA1_S8500OXFLA2_MSR (Serbia)
    Firmware: S8500XXLA1_S8500OXFLA2_MBM (Macedonia)
    Firmware: S8500XXLA1_S8500OXFLA2_SMO (Serbia)
    Firmware: S8500XXLA1_S8500OXGLA2_PHB (Belgium)
    Firmware: S8500XXLA1_S8500OXGLA2_PRO (Belgium / Luxemburg)
    Firmware: S8500XXLA1_S8500OXXLA1_ORC (France)
    Firmware: S8500XXLA1_S8500OXGLA2_XEB (Belgium)
    Firmware: S8500XXLA1_S8500OXFLA2_CMF (Macedonia)
    Firmware: S8500XXLA1_S8500O2CLA1_O2C (Czech Republic)
    Firmware: S8500XXLA1_S8500OXGLA2_MOZ (Switzerland)
    Firmware: S8500XXLA1_S8500OXDLA1_VDC (Hungary)
    Firmware: S8500XXLA1_S8500OXFLA2_TSR (Serbia)
    Firmware: S8500XXLA1_S8500OXFLA2_CRG (Croatia)
    Firmware: S8500XXLA1_S8500OXFLA2_TRA (Croatia)

    Firmwares for other countries will follow, please be patient!

    If you want to be the first with bada 2.0 on your Samsung Mobile follow our special KIES channel!
    If you want to be up to date of all latest firmware follow our FIRMWARE channel!
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