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Thread: Δ AndyX ROM v3.0 - Android ICS 4.0.3 - Tweaks - Battery % - No TouchWiz - and more Δ

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    AndyX ROM v10 - OFICIAL Android ICS 4.0.3 - XWLP7 - Tweaks - Mods - Battery % Δ

    -Δ-ROM AndyX v10 - XWLP7 - OFICIAL ICS Android 4.0.3 - Tweaks (performance, battery saving, etc) -% Battery - No TWLauncher - Bravia Mod - Beats Audio - Call REC - No incremental Ring in calls - Noise reduction - And much more-Δ-

    Specification Rom

    ★ Based on OFICIAL Stock Firmware XWLP7 Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich) (Very Stable, Smooth and Fast)

    ★ Rooted with CF-Root

    ★ Deodexed

    ★ Zipaligned

    ★ Busybox

    ★ Removed Samsung TouchWiz Launcher

    ★ Ice Cream Sandwich Interface

    ★ Applications AOSP ICS 4.0 (Contacts, Phone, MMS, Calendar, Calculator, Music, Browser, etc)

    ★ Trebuchet Launcher

    ★ Nova Launcher

    ★ Includes Superuser.apk

    ★ Includes FM Radio.apk

    ★ Includes Widget Time and News .apk

    ★ Includes Camera.apk

    ★ Includes Flash Player.apk

    ★ Includes AndyX ROM Gallery .apk

    ★ Includes FaceUnlock.apk

    ★ Bravia Engine Mod

    ★ Includes much more apps...

    ★ Performance Tweaks:

    * Improved speed data connection

    * Improved speed internet connection

    * Improved stability

    * Improving the quality of images. Jpg and videos. Mp4

    * etc

    ★ New icons (FMRadio, Gallery, Music, Phone, SMS, Contacts, Phone, Task Manager, etc ...)

    ★ And much, much more...

    How to install AndyX ROM

    1 - Being Root

    2 - Copy from the PC file on the SD card

    3 - Restart the phone in Recovery Mode

    4 - Make Wipes:

    * Wipe data

    * Wipe cache

    * Wipe Dalvik cache

    * Wipe battery stats

    5 - Install zip from sd card

    6 - Locate the file and mark as i begin to flash the ROM

    7 - Reboot system now

    8 - Ready, enjoy the Rom!


    * As with any Rom ICS may have its faults, I did not give me any so far, no FCs and no reboots.

    * The data I have gone well, but each phone and data company is a different world, so I will comment you.

    * Any damage please report it as a comment on this topic to go to all improving Rom.

    * Not 100% themed, missing many aesthetic arrangements, which updates it will change.


    Changelogs v10 OFICIAL

    DO FULL WIPES (do the 4 WIPES)

    ★ Based on ICS OFFICIAL XWLP7 Android 4.0.3

    ★ Modem LPS (Best Modem to date)

    ★ Kernel Root LPS

    ★ Do not tone calls incremental

    ★ Echo reduction in calls

    ★ Call REC for all languages ​​(the recording is saved in My Files / Sounds)

    ★ NO MORE TO DELETE A CONTACT FC (fixed by me)

    ★ New Email.apk Hacked Android 4.0.4 (Removed restrictions)

    ★ New Calculator themed ICS (Thanks Alonso444)

    ★ Arrangements in the Framework

    ★ Arrangements in the System

    ★ Arrangements in the Settings

    ★ More themed style ICS (for me)

    ★ New Play Store 3.5.16

    ★ New Gmail (Android 4.0.4)

    ★ New Google Talk (Android 4.0.4)

    ★ Fixed bug in the Alarm and Clock

    ★ Automatic Folder Backup EFS

    ★ More stable and smooth

    ★ Focus Removed sounds and Firing Chamber (and smoother)

    ★ Removed lag Home Button

    ★ Google Apps to date (GAPPS)

    ★ And much more!

    Download v10 OFICIAL


    Changelogs v7.1 OFICIAL

    ★ Based on ICS OFFICIAL XXLPQ 4.0.3

    ★ Modem XXLPQ

    ★ Multi CSC OXXLPQ

    ★ No more FC to create a new Contact

    ★ Framework, and System.UI Original ICS style

    ★ New Status Bar with option directly to Settings

    ★ New effect on the battery icon when charging the battery

    ★ Fixed Beats Audio (now if it works)

    ★ Added new blue Wathsapp.apk (Thanks Master Nacho129)

    ★ Added new Music.apk (Thanks again Nacho129)

    ★ Record Videos works perfect!

    ★ New Hosts to eliminate advertising of applications

    ★ New GPS.config to improve connection speed of the GPS

    ★ NO more menus with white background and contacts in WiFi settings

    ★ Fixes icon sizes

    ★ Icons notification email, gmail, etc, in blue

    ★ Now the Restart or Shut down the phone from the icons on the Status Bar, the menu says AndyX ROM, no more Simplistic (Thanks Master Sergiofct)

    ★ And more!

    I recommend doing FULL WIPES! BEST IS TO MAKE THE 4 WIPES!
    BUT ONLY ENOUGH TO WIPE Dalvik CACHE, if something goes wrong, YOU KNOW, DO 4 WIPES

    If you want the apps CONTACTS AND ORIGINAL MESSAGE ICS Recovery flashing this file by making Dalvik CACHE WIPE only

    If you then want to return to the Contacts and Messages which brings the Rom, just flashing the ROM again Wipe Dalvik Cache doing before, nothing more.

    THANKS to Bezke by the .zip file

    Download v7.1 OFICIAL

    Changelogs v7.0 OFICIAL

    ★ Based on OFFICIAL ICS 4.0.3 Stock Rom XXLPQ

    ★ Modem XXLPQ

    ★ Multi CSC OXXLPQ

    ★ Deodexed for me!

    ★ Zipaligned for me!

    ★ Busybox

    ★ 14 Toggles in Status Bar

    ★ New Contacts.apk AOSP (original ICS)

    ★ Added New Play Music app

    ★ Removed sms in calls logs

    ★ New icons

    ★ All list APN

    ★ Faster GPS

    ★ Unlock screen with an option to unlock the original camera and ICS

    ★ Added more tweaks:

    * To improve performance

    * To improve battery life

    * Data to accelerate 3G, 3G +, H, H +, etc.

    * To speed up internet browsing

    * Video Acceleration

    * Lockscreen black off when a call

    * Improvements in WiFi

    * And more

    ★ New Bootanimation in HD (720p)

    ★ Full screen Dialer style ICS (ICS original)

    ★ Autobackup EFS Folder (in .img and .tar for flashing by Odin)

    ★ Added All original sounds of ICS (Ringtones, Alarm, etc.)

    ★ No incremental ring in calls

    ★ Noise reduction

    ★ New Google Maps v6.4.0 (ICS interface)

    ★ New Youtube app with options to watch in HD (720p)

    ★ Launchers Trebuchet, Nova and Apex updated to the latest version

    ★ Mods:

    * Bravia Engine

    * New Beats Audio

    ★ Added Kies WiFi

    ★ And much more!

    Download v7.0 OFICIAL

    Changelogs v6.3 Deluxe Edition

    ★ Added New Google'' Play'' v 3.4.7 (with new icon created by me)

    ★ Added New Play Music

    ★ New Framework, Settings, System.UY and more!

    ★ New icons

    ★ Unlock screen with an option to unlock and Camera app original ICS

    ★ More Tweaks:

    * To improve performance

    * To improve battery life

    * Data to accelerate 3G, 3G +, H, H +, etc.

    * To speed up internet browsing

    ★ Added Samsung Keyboard

    ★ New Bootanimation in HD (720p)

    ★ New Full screen Dialer ICS style

    ★ Autobackup folder of EFS

    ★ Added All original sounds of ICS (Ringtones, Alarm, etc.)

    ★ New MMS.apk black color and themed for me!

    ★ New Youtube app with options to watch in HD (720p)

    ★ And much more!

    This version v6.3 Deluxe Edition, is dedicated to the TEAM (Nacho, Kadoc01 and I) that without their support and without you all would be impossible to make the Rom!

    Remember, this version is NOT WIPE v6.3!
    with just WIPE DALVIK CACHE works!
    for those wondering, I always recommend Full Wipes!

    Link AndyX ROM v6.3 Deluxe Edition


    Changelogs v6.2

    ★ NO incremental ring in calls

    ★ NO more eco in calls

    ★ Added Beats Audio Mod (Better audio and more volume)

    ★ Added Touch Recovery

    ★ Added Apex Launcher

    ★ Added Samsung Keyboard

    ★ Added Samsung Account (to activate IMEI blocking in case your phone is stolen)

    ★ NO more FC to delete a contact from the phonebook!

    ★ NO more FC to open an image from the camera application!

    ★ Launcher Trebuchet themed for me!

    ★ More Tweaks to improve the operation of the ROM

    ★ Autobackup folder EFS

    ★ Arrangements in the Framework, Settings and System.UI

    ★ And more!

    Remember that for the PC will recognize the phone, before you go to Settings / Options / Developer Mark USB Debugging and go!

    Link AndyX ROM v6.2


    Changelogs v6.1

    ★ Added Touch Recovery

    **REMEMBER** that to see the new recovery should flash 2 times the Romans, the second time since they enable Recovery Touch! worth it, I assure you!
    With this new Recovery, you can backup just entering the Recovery, not by CWM app ...

    (The wipes are like the previous Recovery, remember to scroll down to find the option YES, then go to Install zip from SD, move to the ends and find the zip of the Rom, just to go back, look always the last option back)

    ★ Fixed Market (now should automatically install the apps purchased)

    ★ Fixed Gallery3D (includes Bravia Mod)

    ★ New Mod for GPS (satellite grabs in 2 seconds! And into your home!)

    ★ Added new characters and TTS Samsung

    ★ New aesthetic touches in the Framework

    ★ New color icons in the Off menu style ICS

    ★ New GAPPS v11 (Gmail, Email, Exchange Email, YouTube, etc.)

    ★ Removed Samsung TWLauncher

    ★ Removed Samsung Keyboard

    ★ Added new version of Nova Launcher (v1.0.1)

    ★ And other things!

    As I said before, the only error is that belies newly captured images from the Camera app, but easily solved, leave the chamber and enter the Photo Gallery and see perfectly and the Bravia Mod

    Link AndyX ROM v6.1



    * Sammobile to Stocks Roms.

    * A Android being open source.

    * @ Chainfire by the Kernel Root.

    * @ Lidroid by the Framework.

    * @ LegendK95 for their scripts.

    * @ Intronauta for all the help!.

    * To SAMMOBILE FORUM for giving me this opportunity to share this project with everyone.


    Aplications and updates Apps

    * Camera ICS+: (Thanks Master Nacho129)

    * Keyboard Samsung:

    * Pack all apps Samsung:

    * Launcher Trebuchet (1.0): (last versin)

    * Launcher Nova (1.0.1): (last versin)

    * GPS Fix New!:

    * GPS Fix:


    **Mod Battery (and icons WiFi, Signal) ICS originals **
    For AndyX ROM v6.1

    Install by Recovery and is not necessary any Wipes!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails ScreenShot[16].jpg   ScreenShot[14].jpg   ScreenShot[10].jpg   ScreenShot[9].jpg   ScreenShot[7].jpg  

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    ScreenShot[4].jpg   ScreenShot[5].jpg   ScreenShot[11].jpg   ScreenShot[15].jpg   screenshot2012012518030.jpg  

    screenshot2012012518051.jpg   screenshot2012012518023.jpg   screenshot2012012518025.jpg   screenshot2012012518053.jpg   screenshot2012012518055.png  

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    Hi, thank you for your excellent work, i was using the ROM for about 2 days, and i would like to report to you some issues, nothing critical.

    Post Install Tips:
    - After the initial setup the market doesn't work (connection error), but after the first reboot, everything works as expected.
    - The first time you plug in the earphone, the device reboot by itself

    App that doesn't work
    - Netflix
    - Sygic
    - App Backup & Restore
    - Viber

    I'll keep trying and if i find any other problems, i wil report you.

    Again, thank you very much for this beautiful ROM

    Regards ,Osvaldo
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    I work for better rom and fixed this problems
    Please, rom takes to settle, any improvement with the days ...

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    Adesirello, again thank you for your hard work. by the way, i made a mistake the flash camera work ok, sorry my mistake

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    Hi Again, an update for the widget issue, I found the way to put widget's on desktop, and was the easy one and the obvious one (scrooling from the widget area), so the widget are working OK too. Sorry again. Great ROM.

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    I want use on i777? How to do that?.

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    i don't know abou i777, but he has release the version 4.1 on, by the way, excelent version, rock solid, i have installed v4.1 and so far the only issue i have is with the radio fm, but i believe he will fix it on another version.

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    Dude, it only work on I9100.
    You may search the forum for a version that fits your phone .

    What i forgot to say, nice ROM. Positive reply from me and two friends using the SGS2.
    And the must important, thank you so much for removing TW
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    I love this ROM. But can't use on i777. 'Cause can't hear voice call.

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    does your rom include swype keyboard?

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