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Thread: N7100 Lock Screen Problem Help!!

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    Unhappy N7100 Lock Screen Problem Help!!

    my N7100 lock screen not working and always stuck a information pic. on screen

    here is screenshot

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    pls help me thanks

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    yeah but what did u did on your phone first?? did u touched something in tool development section? just tell us what kind manipulation u did? because its the 1st time i saw this....

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    If you can not go any further from your lock screen, flash your phone. Check the threads on this forum, and you will get all the necessary instructions. If your phone is not network locked, use any firmware you please for flashing. If it is, use the same firmware which is on your phone now (if you find it).

    Looks like you could safely use this firmware:

    Turkey 2013 January Android 4.1.2 PDA: N7100XXDLL7 CSC: N7100OJVDLL2:

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    Here is the instruction if you decide to flash:

    First download ODIN 3.0.4 or 3.0.7 version, download Samsung USB drivers (find these on the net. If you have Kies installed, you already have the drivers installed on your computer)

    Since you are doing it for the first time, this is going to help you:

    1. Power off the Galaxy Note 2 device that you’re about to update.
    2. Boot the Galaxy Note 2 into Download Mode by pressing at the same time ‘volume down’, ‘home’ and ‘power’ buttons. When the Warning!! menu appears, release the buttons and then press only ‘Volume up’ to select the boot of Download Mode.
    3. Launch the ODIN executable file and after that connect your device to your PC using the USB cable. ODIN window should display a message that says ‘added!!’, which means that the phone has been recognized by the computer and you can move to the next step. If it doesn’t say ‘added!!’ then you should change the USB ports or you should re-try to install the USB drivers.
    4. If the phablet device was recognized, then you can click the ‘PDA’ button in ODIN and browse for the tar.md5‘ file. Load the file and then make sure that you don’t change any other default options of ODIN. Also, make sure that the ‘Re-Partition’ option is NOT ENABLED.
    5. Press START to begin the updating process of your device. Don’t touch any buttons and wait for ODIN to display the ‘PASS’ message.
    6. The Galaxy Note 2 will restart and when the Samsung boot logo appears, you can unplug the device from your PC.
    7. Wait for the boot process to complete as this might take several minutes. After that you should see the new welcome screen and you will take control over your phone, once again.

    During flash process, there will be several restarts and some fazes may look to you unusually long. Take it easy, this is common, do not interrupt the process, be patient.

    After you flash with a 4.1.2 firmware, make sure you also factory reset your phone in order to avoid battery life issue. Before factory reset, off course, backup your data to be able to restore them later.

    Good luck!
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