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Thread: Cannot locate Firmware

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    Cannot locate Firmware


    I have the international variant of the I9500 S4.

    Originally it was loaded with the following firmware: JDQ39.I9500XXUAMDK

    I have search sammobile and other websites for this firmware and cannot locate it anywhere. I have also bricked my phone and need this firmware. I had a paid subscription to Sam Mobile at one point and it has run out. I was willing to pay again just to get this firmware but alas I cannot locate it. I am posting here becasue Sam Mobile proudly states that they have every Official firmware ever released for a Samsung phone. If thats the case I wonder why the search does not find my firmware. It IS official, at least I purchased the phone from a retailer that sold the phone as an official Samsung release phone.

    It IS the Exynos version of the S4.

    Any help I could get locating the firmware would be greatly appreaciated.


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    The opening FIRMWARE page gives you the latest I9500 firmware.
    To search older versions you need to go to 'Select country'.
    Here is a version in the Egypt firmware:
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