I downloaded the Samsung internet app for the Samsung gear VR a few weeks ago , and everything was great and working untill the last update, that made the app to be unstable.
I noticed that everything works fine on the app, but as soon as I hit the search bar to type in an input, it comes up with the usual pop up window saying "listening". I try and speak and it doesn't pick up anything, just stays on listening. If I try and go on the keyboard input, I can hover over the keyboard icon by looking at it and it shines blue, but I can't actually click on it, so the keyboard input menu doesnt come up. I can't click on anything at all and I can't get rid of the window. I have to go back to the oculus main menu and load up the app again to reset it. Any ideas why this is?

using Galay S7 flat\exynos version

i've already tried to wipe my phone..

thanks for your help