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Thread: Clarification on "CSC & Hone CSC" and "Re-Partition Selection"

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    Question Clarification on "CSC & Home CSC" and "Re-Partition Selection"


    I have a Samsung GALAXY S7 EDGE (SM-G935FD) Mobile purchased from Dubai, but using the Mobile in India.

    To use the JIO VoLTE Services and Samsung Pay Services i need to Install Indain FirmWare on my Mobile.

    I downloaded the Latest Indian (INS) Firmware for My GALAXY S7 EDGE (SM-G935FD) Model.

    Before Installing i have 3 Clarifcations on this Firmware installation.

    1) As My Mobile is from Dubai and installing an Indian Firmware, I need to Select CSC or Home CSE from the Zipped Files ?

    2) I should Select "Re-Partition" or not ?

    3) How to Check the Multi CSC for the Particular Country ?

    Please help me with this issues so that i can install the Indian Firmware on the Mobile which has Dubai OS Version.

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    1.Do not touch any settings in odin let it stay as it is.
    2.Select CSC this will change your country code form XSG to INS. If you select home_CSC the firmware will be reinstalled with the current country code in ur case XSG
    3.Check ur device model if it is G935-FD(Dual sim) then the Indian firmware is supported and safe to flash. In order to know which CSCs are supported on you devices install Phoneinfo app form playstore which will provide a list of all supported CSCs.
    You can check this thread which has a detailed explanation of the procedure along with a video tutorial it has all the details should help you
    Have fun...

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