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Thread: How to install S7 firmware

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    How to install S7 firmware

    In the S7 firmware Samsung are now providing 5 files.

    Here is how to install an S7 firmware

    Phone preparation:
    To avoid any issues with FRP (Factory Reset Protection) go to Settings > About device > build number > Tap 7 times to activate Developer options.
    Now go to Developer options > OEM unlock

    FRP LOCK and OEM LOCK are now both OFF.

    1. Download and install Odin on your PC

    2. Choose your FIRMWARE by putting in your phone Model version

    3. Download and unzip your firmware (do not use WinRAR as it can give errors)

    4. From your download p
    ut these files into Odin:


    CSC (not HOME_CSC)

    5. Now look at the Odin Settings (for this select Options)

    F.reset time
    Auto reboot

    6. Installing another country CSC or a network CSC will need the system partition size changing.
    For this select Options and add this setting


    1. You will get a WARNING from Odin.
    You can ignore this.

    2. If you are installing a multi csc firmware, and your existing CSC is in that firmware, then DO NOT select Re-partition.
    You can check if your firmware is multi-csc by installing this app:

    3. To receive OTA updates, after installing the firmware, put phone into Recovery Mode to wipe cache then wipe data/factory reset.

    A video guide here
    In the video guide the csc is not being changed and so Re-partition is not selected

    Hope that helps.
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