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Thread: Samsung blocks acccounts because of "suspicions" / Other users?

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    Samsung blocks acccounts because of "suspicions" / Other users?

    I recently faced various Samsung account blocks because I:
    - requested a data takeout
    - did several logins / logouts on up to 4 of my devices to understand some problems with my accounts and the sync (access via PC sluggish, sync between Samsung Internet and Samsung Internet beta, mysterious data volumes for notes, ...)

    In both cases I logged in with correct credentials with rare typos only.

    Do other users have similar experiences?

    If Samsung or Samsung algorithms block our accounts for unspecified reasons or because they believe something is suspicious, we better forget Samsung for any serious work...
    The funny thing is that I can not even report the error online to Samsung without being able to login (, ...)

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    That is likely due to unexpected responses that ranged from users excmlaiming that this is an example of why you shouldn't connect your TV to Wi-Fi at all, to others pointing out that it's pointless advice because the TVs typically come loaded with specialized smart TV-focused McAfee security software that runs in the background.
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