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Thread: Mobile data being used while on wifi

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    Mobile data being used while on wifi

    So I think my phone is connecting to mobile data and WiFi simultaneously, however it is downloading using mobile data. My phone was in the house connected to WiFi, and it somehow managed to burn through 4GB of mobile data.

    How is this possible and how can I stop it from happening?

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    First make sure you are in a wifi reception area at all times, as your phone will switch to mobile data if no wifi, and you have enabled Mobile data in Settings > Mobile networks.

    Secondly, go to Settings > WiFi and make sure that Smart network switch is not turned on as this will switch to the strongest data signal even when wifi is available.

    AS you can see, your phone has been designed and set up on the basis that you will always need data.

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    Both Wifi and Data is ON while using Duo. If Duo is running on background then Data connection will be on all time along with Wifi.

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