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Thread: All user apps and system apps constantly force closing after update sm-t210r

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    Angry All user apps and system apps constantly force closing after update sm-t210r

    Don't know how many people still frequent this forum but I'm posting this hoping that someone can give me a working solution. So I update to 4.4.2 when it was initially released through an ota update and I've had problems ever since. Every app randomly gives me the "unfortunately so and so has stopped". I even get the error message with system.ui and other system process that usually result in a reboot. I just don't get how an official update that was provided through my tab could've screwed up like this and I've tried everything.

    • Reinstalling the official firmware through odin
    • Doing complete wipes and installing different roms
    • factory resets and the such

    And the problem still persists. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Yes, you have tried most of the potential solutions that I would have suggested.
    When apps crash it us due to conflicts between the firmware/apps.
    Try starting in SAFE MODE as this will not initialize any apps that you have installed.
    Turn off tablet.
    Press and hold volume down + power button until screen starts.
    Release power button only.
    SAFE MODE will be in bottom left of screen.

    Test your Tab as long as you want to see if any problems occur.
    If not, the problem is an app or apps and not the firmware.
    First make sure all apps are up to date.

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