so i bought a s7 off ebay turns out it was a verison phone.with some firmware they prob made

found this site joined up

downloaded firmware, followed instructions, all worked great. now running the smg930u for australia optus.

the issue is i cant get good s5 does a way better job.

so came back to here downloaded the optus aust firware G930FXXU1DQJ6 but get the error off odin MDS hash value is invalid . tryd all the fixes and still cant get it to install, downloading older version atm to try it out.

any ideas ? does other country software not work on all unlocked s7's, are s7's bands different according to where they will be usa bands different to aust {band 500 in america not the same as band 500 in aust} ?? should i just sell it and buy a aust s7?