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Thread: my i9003 is briked (help)

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    my i9003 is briked (help)

    iam using odin3 an by mistake i've only enterd pit and clicked start and my phone just died, and i cant get it into download mod again help please.

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    Do you see the LED screen light up while booting ? So, just remove the battery, put it and press volume down + home button + lock/unlock button and cry because your phone have just revived with this method. It is totally normal because the steps for flashing your device are :
    1. open Odin;
    2. put the .pit file;
    3. enter your device into downloading mode;
    4. plug your device;
    5. click start;
    6. wait until pass;
    7. click reset;
    8. remove the battery;
    9. enter your phone into dowloading mode again;
    10. put the .PDA file (or the MODEM, CSC, PHONE, etc ...);
    11. click start;
    12. wait until pass;
    13. enjoy !

    But personally, I advice you to do like that :
    1. open Odin;
    2. put the .pit and all ohers file (PHONE, MODEM, ...) or the PDA file;
    3. bring your device into download mode;
    4. plug your device;
    5. click start;
    6. wait until pass!;
    7. wait until Enjoy! been written to your face.

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