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Thread: HELP! Phone Severely Compromised!! (Like Nothing I've Ever Seen)

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    I've just been reading through this thread and it sounds like something I remember reading about called the Switcher Trojan, give it a Google, symptoms sound quite similar

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    Unwanted and returning visitors to my devices

    Hey everyone,
    I was happy to see this thread, at least i know im not crazy. I stopped talking about the problem at home and with colleagues as they started to wonder if i was losing it. I have a similar story to most here but maybe not so long.
    I actually work in tech designing and overseeing the installations of major airport systems and as security is major part of our offerrings from my company i was quite ashamed that i couldnt get a handle on this. As we moved our operations from the middle east to Thailand/Laos, we have around 10 laptops, 20 workstations, cisco networking switches and routers 3 4 bay Qnap storage, devices, 4 servers, 6 smart tvs, various, smart and bluetooth speakers, 2 mac pros mac airs and my personal devices surfacebook 2 surface pro 7+ iphoneX pixel 2, 3 and 4xl and the 3 samsung A11's that i bought to try the "start over" solution, which didnt work, not to mention the software we use ios, MS, android, google, azure etc. The above is just to put into context some of the things i tried, with limited success and at least i might have some additional info to offer as i really didnt see any real "solution" . Around sept 2020 while working on my surface book 2 i started noticing missing files changed settings, intermittent services. As i have, switches and routers, or i should say "had" i didnt think much of it as i normally renew my personal equip every year. Que Covid - completely land locked with borders closed and all work/projects delayed or stopped i decided to not buy anything new unless absolutely necessary. Well, like a couple of users who posted i am also too damn stubborn (stupid?), to not keep trying. Next it was my iphone , then my pixel 4, my sony tv running android etc ihavent even mentioned my wifes phones and macbooks. As it turns out, i think for me it originated on google chrome as that was the common denominator for most of my devices. Originally i thought it was a microsoft problem as i jept being logged out or asked to log in again and again and again , again being clever (stupid,?) I decided to migrate my domain to google g-suite, thus mixing two environments which were fine for the last 2 years, then inkept getting redirected to websites or regions which sent me to weird url,s with super long addresses, i started getting fake pages, user interfaces, pop ups that blccked user or relevant info on my iphone, icons that didnt quite look right, widgets that just show up, changed settings, greyed out options wallpapers disguised as log in pages , intercepted texts, duplicate mfa codes phones getting hot from wifi/bt/audio/nfc /print spooling etc. Lost access to my main emails which were always separate last year to now when sites and apps always want a new username pass the worst was losing my main business account email and my longstanding gmail and yahoo accounts i finally recovered my gmail, yahoo and rhey were completely reconfied to tie in news feeds, maps onedrove g drive calendar notifications etc i still dont have control ot my domain as i keep getting booted out of office admin and azure ! The funnt thing about this is i am the owner! Im a global admin for azure and office365 , outlook etc. Ii tried endpoint intune authenticator, changing browsers etc. Apple wasnt much help but and ivr factory reset maybe 30 times, my android and ms devices are by far in the worst shape as they all are mostly bricked due to uefi pass issues from changing and rebooting to my phones not being stable or with so much access it turns off my cellular and wifi services. Anyways, most of thr issues are due to notifications and syncing with other apps and cloud services , it didnt help that my wifes mac became the defacto attack vector (she still doesnt belive me!) And since we have family sharing and tied that to google drive..... well you get thre point, so far the addition of a new firewall/router with dmz and prt filtering has helped but as mentioned previously, once they ar in thats it. It seems that my android devices have primary storage /local /cloud file sharing /syncing so no matter how far i get to cleaning a device it creeps back. Chrome and edge developer tools with hidden extensions and add ons disguised as favorites and bookmarks with hidden attributes etc. To be honest its quite sophisticated. And as a user previously mentioned it seems to be more professional and not personal attacks. And like him i was thinnking why the hell attack my equipment? And continue to do so? I also got random phone calls but no ransomware demands the crypto theory is sound but ive subsequently shut everything except my personal devices down. Who knows? As an American in a foreign country its possible i could be targeted? Tax avoidance? Recreational drug use? Porn preferences? Im pretty forthcoming when it comes to those things so it could never be used against me. Sorry for the Rant, Best solution , imo, keep accounts separate, or grouped , do the security things like change pass, 2 factor authentication, update frequently, run scans and i dont mean avg or avast (useless!) Those were used against my devices through hidden config settings! What did kinda work was things like bootable USB's copies of firmware and drivers, Iso images apk copies, and alternatives to MS, google and apple, i now know linux as i couldnt wipe my windows 10 harddrive clean for the life of me so i just said f-it! And went with ubuntu, still trying to figure it out but at least its stable and it doesnt lock me out with UAC virtualization ! Tron also worked for me, cccleaner malwarbytes, and some other cmdline powershell scripts, im still frustrated and dont completly trust my devices. Thats the part that kills me, as i want a device thats dependable, i wish i had a one stop solution but i dont think one exsists, unfortunately. If anyone needs a bit of help though ill give my two cents, for what its worth. Good luck with your recoveries.

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