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Thread: SM-T805 how to downgrade from lollipop back to kitkat

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    SM-T805 how to downgrade from lollipop back to kitkat

    A friend of mine have updated her Samsung Galaxy SM-T805 from kitkat to lollipop and she wants to get back to kitkat. After a long search on google, I did not find how to get it and I'm looking for help. Can anyone suggest me a link to a procedure for firmware update on this kind of tablet?
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    Firmware update?
    Thought you wanted to downgrade?
    I would not recommend downgrading until any attempts to solve the problems with lollipop have been exhausted.

    First of all try reinstalling the firmware with Kies/SmartSwitch.

    Look her for SmartSwitch download and video tutorial.
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    Thanks for you recommend but I don't know when u resolve this problem, I really like galaxy tab s T805 and the color is ok and easy to transfer data to computer and one other thing, I need my child to see youtube online whenever I came back home,
    and after I upgrade it, I lost wifi connection and battery work until battery empty why? when I turn it off, and even make power off by press power+volume down my Samsung galaxy tab s T805 it still be hot until battery empty for my galaxy tab s T805 and one other thing I need to use internet by using phone data connection, I have just known for if data sim connection turn on it is not good for children.
    By the way, can moderator confirm when it is resolve and everything is ok I will upgrade again but for this moment can you show us how to downgrade from Lollipop to Kitkat 4.4.2 if it still not possible I might stop using android system. it take 3 or 4 days already I feel it is not good for health. for me money I don't mind but what I worry of explosion it still hot all the time and I can not give to my children to see. it's 4 or 5 days can you let's me know how to downgrade very fast as soon as possible if no I will let battery empty and stop using android system any more.

    PS.: I check the internet how to downgrade if it is not possible this is end of android system from 1user that support android system
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    have you tried Lollipop 5.0.2?

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