Hi all.
I am with vodafone Australia and up until recently my tab S2 has worked just fine. 3 days ago after leaving it to charge while I slept I wasnt able to power it up. It was stuck on the power battery icone with a lightning bult in the center however normally it would be filled green showing 100%. This wasnt this time instead it was stuck with the icon still greyed. After talking to a vodafone tech we were unable to rectify the problem. We couldnt even get it to go to the hard reset ... power vol up and home. The only actions we could do was the battery recycle.. did nothing. Sometime it would go to samsung title screen then freeze other times it would simply return to the blank battery icon again. We could also get to the odin download screen. Problem is the tech would not send me the Vodafone firmware file or anything provide means of downloading it saying it wasnt allowed. So this is where more problems started. I found sams mobile website download both the XSA AND TEL firmware for T815Y 7.0. Following the instruction download odin 3 etc. All wasgood until the last bit of the install when it errored out under RADIO. As a result my tablet bricked. From what I understand the radio error is caused when the base and is i correct or something like that sugesting that the firmware ismt the correct one for vodafone. This haplened again when I tried the TEL Australia version.

Can someone pls help. I need a vodafone australia firmware for sm-t815y tab s2 9.7 wifi /4g.

Tried using smart switch but currently it doesnt recognise the tablet although is says to install smart swtch pc and use emergency recovery option. This doesnt do anything as i said it doesnt even recognise the tablet the pc does however re ognise the usb connection. Vodafone wont do anything cause it had a 2 year warranty and the tablet is 2 yrs 3 weeks . March 12. 2016. Out of warranty they claim
A they waited to offer was a new plan with the same tablet for 32 bucks extra a month