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Thread: Galaxy S Tab 10.5 Wifi (t800) and 10.5 Wifi LTE (t805) (Unlocked International)

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    Question Galaxy S Tab 10.5 Wifi (t800) and 10.5 Wifi LTE (t805) (Unlocked International)

    I have 2 Samsung Galaxy S Tab 10.5's
    1: T800 32gb (Only avail from Best Buy)
    2:T805 16gb (Unlocked interNational Bought from Amazon)

    I am new to the Samsung devices, I have always been an LG fan. Yes I have a Unlocked TMobile LG G3..

    But after playing around with my t800 and getting the right firmware from whatever country I cant remember to work correctly. its been a blessing. Now with the T805. I cant seem to get it to work correctly.. alot of the apps that I know work, dont work. Example:
    showbox and others. even chrome kept giving me trouble.. and as I have stock ROM on my t800 but a MOD Kernel that lets me OC up too 2100ghrz. but I keep at 1.9.. They made 2 kernels one for the t800 and one for the t805. When I flashed the one for the t805, it wont let me access my SDcard. Keeps saying it cant mount it. I have a 128gb sdcard on my T800 and 64gb on my T805. So I flashed back to Stock kernel on my T805. anyhow. I have tried a few of your official Firmwares and have had nothing good come out of it. I think one is working good till something a bit later goes bonkers. What I would like to know is this............

    I want to flash a good firmware on my Unlocked T805, that is known to be stable and up to date.. Could someone please point me in
    the correct direction.. and yes im From USA.. I think my T800 has the china firmware but I really cant remember.. I even tried the german one on my T805 and even though you could change the lang to english the bootup screen had some german.. Not for me......

    Thank you..
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