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Thread: Need SM-T805 (NEE) Nordic PIT file

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    Quote Originally Posted by Otherland [ Login above or register to see download links. ]
    Hi Greenman

    I've gotten my tablet bck. (Some time ago). The Repair shop couldn't fix the problem.
    So after I got it back, I manually created the efs partition, mountd it and restarted the tablet.
    And I got some new efs files..and dev IMEI number, and a new serial.

    I've tried several things in order to change the IMEI and serial back to the original. but I haven't had any luck.
    I also have a colleage who has the same tablet (He bought after I got mine back from the repair shop).
    He created a EFS backup from his device, and I then I restored it on mine.. without a sim card in it.
    And then I tried to change the IMEI and serial, but still no luck.

    So the status for now is that I have a tablet that runs fine, but no Mobile connected and thus no LTE, just Wifi.
    I haven't given up finding a solution for changing the IMEI number and serial yet. But at least it's up and running for normal tablet usage.

    If you hear anything about changing the IMEI number on a Tab S, please let me know :-)
    Ive' tried several thing that should work on a different Galaxy phones, but no luck there either.
    I haven't tried it thou' with a sim card in it... I haven't dared to put it in... for now.

    Hi can U plz tell how do U fix itīm stuck at bootloop

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    Otherland, Care to share the pit file you used?
    Thank in Advance

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    Hi there

    I'm sorry that I haven't been back sooner, busy with life catching up and all.
    But ehre is a link to the PIT file I used for my tablet. And I know mine is 805 and this one is for the 805, but it looks and works fine.
    [ Login above or register to see download links. ]


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